Creative yoga- in this class we are focusing on development of physical condition and mental harmony as the key to your healthier lifestyle. Through the practice of basic and intermediate asanas, breathwork and visualization we are learning how to strengthen our inner energy and discovering ways how to live balanced life every day. Each creative yoga class is unique, different and brings something new. Classes are guided to discover your power that lies within you, boost your self-confidence, concentration, wholeness and be your authentic self. Empowered by love.

My whole life is so far connected to movement and healing. I grew up in a gym and spent 13 years being a high level gymnast. Besides gymnastics, I did lots of other sport also on a competitive level which led me to a series of severe injuries and trauma. I’m also a dancer and it’s my biggest passion. I was twice there where I couldn’t walk, nor dance and yoga helped me to recover and connect back to myself, heal and find love in movement again. I connected with yoga 10 years ago, thanks to one of my biggest inspiration Fredy Ayisi-amazing loving soul, dancer, artist, teacher and yogi back in my homeland Slovakia. My origins are from Greece and Hungary as well. Currently I’m finding lots of inspiration and motivation from Govind Das and Radha. I finished my yoga and healing sciences 200hr certificate at Loyola Marymount University. I’m a also a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor through NSCA and UCLA. My journey is calling me more and more to healing and transforming people’s lives, raise their vibration and share love, so I’m also a certified Master Reiki healer. Things that inspire me the most are music, dance, open hearts, humble and good people, twin flames, traveling, experience and growth applied to be your better version. What transformed my life the most is gratitude and love. I'm excited to share what I've learned along my journey.



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