Class description: The Primary purpose of Ananda Yoga is to Raise Consciousness. As a true Raja Yoga approach to Hatha Yoga, Ananda Yoga does not focus only on forcing energy up the spine. Instead it uses asana, pranayama, and meditation techniques to magnetically draw prana up the spine to the brain. Ananda Yoga also uses affirmations to add a mental component to the experience and help us transcend from a state of sub-conscious to a state of Superconscious. Affirmations are intended to deepen your experience of the energy flows and associated states of consciousness in that moment. This inward approach to Ananda Yoga will raise your awareness and prepare you for true meditation which will fill your life with richness and help you experience your own divinity!

Aurandeep Singh Samra is a seeker of truth and extremely grateful to be connected to his culture and heritage of India and the practice of Yoga. Yoga & Meditation has benefited Aurandeep's life physically, mentally, and energetically. He loves to share the tools that have helped him evolve spiritually with anyone who is receptive and curious about the ancient practice of yoga and meditation. One of his favorite mottos to live by is, "Each One, Teach One." He knows that every individual is an expression of the Divine and is blessed with unique gifts and talents waiting to be activated and shared. "We are all teachers of experience, and students of life". Aurandeep also is very humbled to have been able to spend two months pilgrimaging throughout many ancient cities in India. There is where he deeply realized that there is only One Divine Truth and many paths back to the Eternal Truth. Love & Gratitude are the common denominators on every path back to the Divine and he is extremely inspired to share this message with mankind. Aurandeep also loves to spend his free time writing poetry, adventuring through nature, listening to conscious music, and co-creating with souls who share the same mission as him, which is to uplift consciousness!


Suggested donation $10-$15

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