Boise Thomas - Awaken Bhakti Flow
Monday 7am-8:15am (75mins)
Wednesday 7am-8:15am (75mins)
Friday 7am-8:15am (75mins)

Class Description
YOGA means UNION and in this class, we balance the human trinity of BODY/MIND/SPIRIT, awakening the day w/ three powerful forces : our breath, love and gratitude. Through an opening meditation we set forth the intent for our practice and use the 60 minute flow to generate that mind/body connection to deepen and realize that which we have just created.

To meet yourself each day (on your mat) is an opportunity to meet the new you. This requires dropping who you think you are for who you are to become. Vigorous asana (for the body), voiced affirmations (engage the mind) and meditation & intention setting (for the witness of your experience), we activate the present in this 75 minute class. Boise’s experiences leading meditation and being a body worker makes space for a 5-10 minute healing savassana at the end of each class.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7am are an optimal time to tune in, set and realize intentions for life with Boise as your guide for what dreams may come from the scientifically inexplicable practice of yoga. Show up on your mat… leave the rest to breath, trust, spirit… (and gravity).

Boise Thomas polymath, educator and yogi, with a background in healing that spans myriad modalities including: body work, detoxification, tantra, reiki, guided meditation, transformational coaching, yoga, communication and relationships). A true student of life, Boise’s raison d’être is born of his three passions: educate, entertain and inspire. Boise is committed to you being part of a practice in a community of diverse individuals showing up to grow, expand and live in wonder of what dreams may come. All with their (yoga) practice as the common denominator. Boise has been in LA since 1997 and lives in Venice with his best girl… his savannah cat ,Goji.



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