Thursdays 6:30pm Heartsoul Flow 🔥🔥

Heartsoul Flow is a heart-centered organic flow of hatha yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, dance, poetry and Bhakti. A meditation in movement asking you to connect with spirit, live your satya with an open heart and BE. Focusing on breath and alignment while balancing and grounding the physical and energetic bodies allowing for a deep, sweet cultivation of joyfulness, loving-kindness and compassion.

A longtime student of Native American Wisdom practices and Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist philosophies, he has trained in Sacred Energy Arts, Qigong, Bhakti Soul Yoga, Tai Chi and Neijia (Five Element Qigong, Xingyi and Bagua).

Join Christopher for this experience to align with your highest self, learning how to open sacred space for the song of YOU! The memory of who we are is in our Spiritual Heart... your Heartsoul. He looks forward to shining a light to assist you in finding your path.





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