Elizabeth Burris

Restorative Slow Flow/Thursday 11am

Come enjoy a no-chaturanga flow class that supports a healthy spine and mind! We will dive deep into a heated flow class without moving through plank or down dog and instead focus on stabilizing standing postures, restorative hip openers, and classic forward folds. This is a perfect class for folks recovering or suffering from wrist, shoulder, neck, or back soreness but still want a moderately vigorous yoga class. Class is set to soothing beats and mantras to keep a lively but grounding atmosphere.

Gentle Vinyasa (Sunday 8am)
Mindfully wake up the body, mind, and spirit with a slow restorative flow set to soothing music. This calming and nurturing class will offer breath work and a blend of vinyasa and static postures to gently open up and recharge the body. Unlock channels in the body to allow prana to flow and relieve stress while building strength and balance with a mindful focus. This restorative practice is geared to those interested in a slower-paced yoga class.  


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