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Etan Boritzer

Tuesday 4:30pm Insight Meditation Yoga 🔥🔥
Insight Meditation Yoga is a slow flow, mixed levels class where we hold postures in order to incorporate meditation practice into every moment of the yoga class. Through a simple, profound and ancient technique, we infuse ourselves with calmness in each posture so that deep personal levels of discovery and full awareness are attained.

Etan is a caring and very experienced teacher. He began teaching yoga and meditation in 1971 in the New York City area after an intensive 90 day full immersion, traditional yoga training at Gitananda Ashram in Pondicherry, South India. He has been a vipassanameditator for almost 15 years, completing 7 full 10 day silent meditation courses, as taught by S.N. Goenke. Etan has taught yoga and meditation at Bryan Kest Studios, at various other LA yoga studios, and he is a respected national guest teacher too at such venues as the Texas Yoga Conference, and yoga studios all around the USA.

Etan conceived his ‘Insight Meditation Yoga’ as a way to infuse meditation technique into each asana. This technique enhances personal awareness, calmness, wisdom and well-being, as the Buddha said, “whether sitting, standing, moving or lying down.” Then, as Etan says, “We take it off the mat—whether we’re sitting at our work desk, standing in a bank line, walking in the city, lying in bed, etc—one remains constantly and thoroughly aware. We leave class feeling better prepared to make our own lives happy and peaceful, while helping others around us to also create happy and peaceful lives.”

Etan is also the author and publisher of 14 bestselling children’s books, now published in 15 languages, including the famous What is God? And, he is also a noted speaker on the teachings of the Buddha with several 2 hour talks available on Youtube.

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