9am Thursdays Bhakti Vinyasa Flow with Hanuman Das


Hanuman Das' classes are a heart-opening intentional practice. He is fully committed to serve you on your path and nurture your own connection to the spirit. His intention is to create the space for the student to explore their heart, expand their awareness and shine their light. Through the use of asana, breath, meditation, chanting, and spiritual teachings, we integrate body, mind and spirit, opening a doorway to cultivating more love and kindness towards oneself and others. In just one class, there can be a tremendous shift of energy, and we all leave feeling recharged, confident and with a deeper connection to the higher Self.


Bhakti Yogi. Peaceful. Lover. Passionate. Compassionate. Warrior. Devotee. Student. Teacher. Believer. Brazilian. Universe. Husband. Son. Father. Vegetarian. Content. Blessed. Respectful. Happy. Grateful. Ram. Hanuman.

I am Hanuman Das (Andre Cavanha Neto), a Bhakti yogi from Brazil, living in Los Angeles. I began practicing in 2006, and received my yoga teacher training from Govind Das at the Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica. From the moment I discovered Bhakti yoga (the yoga of Love and Devotion), I immediately knew I was on the right path. Bhakti yoga is also known as yoga of the heart and I am all about the heart. It is in the depth of the heart that we can discover and know our true Self.

Bhakti yoga is my purpose in life, and it is through this practice that I serve the world.

I am grateful for all my teachers, Govind Das, Ram Dass, Radanath Swami and many more. So blessed and thankful for my Guru Neem Karoli Baba, Maharaji.

Jai Gurudev! Jai Hanuman! Jai Sita Ram!



Suggested donation $10-$15

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