Yoga In Dub
Two faiths that are worlds apart but walk such a parallel path: Rastafari and the path of the Yogi. When most westerners think of Rasta they only think of smoking herb, forgetting the rich, strong, and deeply spiritual path that has spread from the tiny island of Jamaica across the globe.

From the importance of a vegetarian diet, to daily strengthening of the nervous system, purification through fire, to devotional song in the name of the lord (Jah). Rastafari is in it’s self a Bhakti practice, pure love and devotion to one’s creator. Yoga in Dub brings these paths together, as students are guided through a deep practice to the irie sounds of slow, deep, echoey, roots dub reggae.

Class will include asana, meditation, pranayama, as well as philosophy (both Rastafari and Yogic). students will experience the shift from Babylon (the illusory external world) to Zion (the deep stillness within). Students will also enjoy a wide range of reggae selections from the 60s to present. As always, One love, one heart, let’s all beat together.

Like so many other people, yoga found Joël at the perfect moment. Using this ancient practice to rid himself of the old patterns that made for such a rough early life in Washington D.C., Joël left the US in 2008 to travel the world and immerse himself in the practice of Yoga. Being half Haitian, the Caribbean was in ideal choice to begin this journey, he found home on St. John in the Virgin Islands and dove deep into a daily sadhana.

When he taught his first class in 2010 he knew he had found his passion. Over the years Joël would carry this passion everywhere he went, from living the ashram life in Rishikesh, India, to opening Radiant Awakening Yoga Centre in Sydney, AUS, to holding retreats in Ubud, bali, to founding Skylight Yoga in Miami, and working with the Rastafari community in Jamaica, Joël has kept it moving and has spread the love everywhere he can take it. Now settled in LA with his beautiful wife, he is happy to love, teach, and learn with the community.

Joël teaches Vinyasa, haha, as well as Kundalini Yoga. Classes are dynamic, fun, and deep. They will always include meditation, pranayama, and philosophy (not to mention sound treatments from his amazing music selections!)  


Suggested donation $10-$15

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