Flow and Restore with Kali 11am

Specializing in a Restorative practice to honor the yin flavored, lunar side to yoga, Kali explores the Five Elements along the Yin meridian system for deep restoration and healing. In balance, she uses the Five Vayus (the five functions, or “winds” of Prana) and the Five Elements (the five foundational energies of the universe) to invoke and embody a fresh and funky Vinyasa. She cultivates Mandala (circular) style movement to honor the cyclic nature of the universe, and challenges practitioners to think outside the realms of their four-cornered mat.

Kali is an internationally recognized teacher; see her latest appearance in Rolling Stone for her Yin Yoga class at Envision Festival (Costa Rica) listed as one of the seven most transformational festivals in the world. She’s lead workshops and retreats around the world, including Arise Festival(Colorado), Strings n Sol (Mexico), Healing House, (Sacred Valley Peru), KiCHIC (Mancora),Yoga Forest (Guatemala) and more.

She is a Yoga Gives Back Ambassador for indigenous women survivors of physical trauma and is devoted to yoga as a means for empowerment and healing. She loves fast funk and slow flows, and suggests we all get upside down at least once a day!

Kali gives thanks to all the teachers on her path, including Sarah Powers, Janet Stone, Baron Baptiste, and her hometown Boulder, Colorado Sangha.

Class description:
This class begins with a fiery, funky Vinyasa Flow that melts into a renourishing Restorative Practice.

Come balance the management of Prana- the vital life force, through active and invigorating Mandala Vinyasa to build heat and strength, before a deeply relaxing and healing Restorative practice.



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