Denise Michelle

Denise Michelle is a practicing yogini of 18 years, Reiki healer, former studio owner, co-founder of Ceremony Yoga online series and creator of sustainable skin care line GLO, Give Love Organics. She dedicates her deep connection with spirit and educating in self love empowerment to guide her gifts in yoga, meditation and Reiki with the world. In her own path to healing, she has learned that living a yogic life is ultimate practice of SelfLove, the place where dreams come alive and transformation is made.

Medicine Yoga
I have created a unique blend of power yoga, meditation and Reiki energy healing for you to experience and deepen your relationship to Self. I use my intuitive gifts of "go with the flow" sequencing to align mind, body and spirit giving you a different practice every time. This class is based on the simple ideas of "doing" and "being" to support your growth and encourages you to get out of the box of a typical Vinyasa class, Yoga is Medicine! It is my belief that yoga is not about working out, but is about working in. Collectively we rise. Each class ends with a juicy 15 minute savasana healing.

"Denise Michelle has an amazing capacity for reading the energy of the room, of the students involved in the class, and teaching it accordingly. I could feel her healing gifts flowing through the room and my body. At the end I not only felt like I got the physical workout I needed, but also the emotional support. She goes back to the roots of yoga, moving beyond the asana and accesses the part that allows us to do the inner work. It is a wonderfully balanced, supportive and inspirational class."
~ Carly P.


Suggested donation $10-$15

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