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Sonia Devi Noir

A personal approach to a classic vinyasa flow class. Focusing on breathing and connection with mind and body while listening deeply to your own intuition. During deep moments of listening our movements become static and intended cultivating energy. This static flow helps to generate an inner fire that glows kind of like a hot ember that last all day. All Levels.

My journey into the world of Yoga started with a good friend who gave me a yoga mat on my 27th birthday May 18th 2012. I had been introduce to yoga through workout videos but now that I had a mat I wanted to attend my first class. I looked up a studio in Santa Monica and set off to that fateful first class. As I arrived to the studio I must have got lost because I arrived at a completely different studio. Standing outside looking perplexed a dreadlocked teacher came out and said "Hey how's it going?" Still perplexed at how I had completely failed at following my own directions: "I...was...looking for a yoga class..." I said. "Here's a yoga class." he said smiling. I go: "Oh...okay...then..." As I walked into the studio above the door a monkey-man (Hanuman) welcomes me to the Bhakti Yoga Shala! One thought, crossed my mind as I crossed into the studio, "I Love monkies....this will be good!" Thus begana love affair with BYS!

During the summer of 2012 I sustained a knee injury, this slowed me down considerably and forced me to refocus my energy and my priorities for my practice. After some deliberation I attended my first Yoga Teacher Training by Govindas in January 2013. The experience was life changing and rewarding beyond measure. Luckily for me Andres Salcedo's BhaktiSoul Yoga TeacherTraining was starting right after my training with Govindas was ending. After completing back to back trainings, I took time to explore classes around town and continue learning. As of recent I got the opportunity to be part of Andres PowerSoul Teacher Training diving into the vast world of yoga again with Andres was a true blessing!

My deepest gratitude to Govindas for sharing my first real class with me and also inviting me to it, for always encouraging me, for always inspiring me and others to help in anyway possible. Thank you.

I would love to thank Andres Salcedo for his tireless energy and dedication to devotion. Gracias "El Professor!"

Special Teacher Props to: Toni DiVincenzo, Byron de Marsé, Dan Ward, Ali Owens, Mark Devenpeck, Travis Elliot, Greg Balza, Meredith Siler, Sitara Alaknanda Shakti, Nathania Stamboli, Alexandra Moga, Gemini Adams, Dahveed Haribol Das, Fr Michael Brunner O.S.B.


Suggested donation $10-$15

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