andres salcedo

Sonia Devi Noir (Shaktidasi)

A fusion of yin, tantra and dance. In devotion to the God/Goddess within. Move the creative life force through the body in communion with Source, breath, meditation, visualization and a sensual approach to asana.

In Tantra, we train the body to contain more Spirit. We raise the frequency creating the body ecstatic. This centering practice reveals the sweet, slow and deep freedom of expression, intuition, body and soul. We celebrate the feminine within; receptively inviting the sacred union of Shiva and Shakti, Yin and Yang, Feminine and Masculine.

Sonia is an alchemy of unique gifts graced by many years of inquiry on the path of mysticism. She is a writer, dancer, intuitive light worker, yogini, meditation guide and a sacred sexuality soul councilor. She is passionate about embodying our inherent joy and enhancing relationship with Self, Source and others through the practice of the yogas', dance, and communion with the elements of nature. She aspires to truth, ease and bliss as a daily life choice. With her degree in theatre and strong background in movement and human behavior, Sonia weaves together the magical, spiritual and practical threads of Source consciousness into the heart and body. She is a catalyst and a compliment to both the initiate and the seasoned.



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