Zeraphina Haynes • 1pm Mondays 60 minutes
Chakra Vinyasa Flow

This 60 minute Vinyasa Flow is composed of diverse poses that build strength and fluidity as well as conscious sequencing to balance the chakras. The asanas vary from day to day but always include a variety of breath centered warm-ups, standing pose sequences, cleansing twists and deep forward bends. All levels welcome!

Zeraphina is known for her hospitable nature and non-judgmental teaching style. Through body movement and breath, she is continuously exploring her connection to nature's creative power. In 2015 she trained with Govind Das at Bhakti Yoga Shala and Kumi Yogini at Veda Yoga. She is a reiki master who loves to teach others how to increase the flow of his or her universal life energy through knowledge and awareness of the chakras. Childhood experiences and daily life stressors, often cause imbalances in the mind and body. These often show up as physical symptoms, which directly impact the way in which we attract and experience life.


Suggested donation $10-$15

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