Tracy Sachs

420 Fridays : Shiva Flow Fridays 4:20 - 6:00 pm (90 mins)
NO Medicating in the Shala Premises. Thank you. Pls come Pre-Medicated.

Yoga sutras 4.1: The subtler attainments come with birth or are attained through herbs, mantra, austerities or concentration.
“Bhava na sana hridayam” - May this cannabis [herb] be a blessing to my heart

The yogic culture of the Himalayas in India has a long history of using cannabis for yoga, meditation, ego dissolution and spiritual upliftment. In this vinyasa yoga class each week we explore of the spiritual essence and healing benefits of cannabis and yoga. 420 is a nod to the culture that grew up around marijuana and sharing kind bud at your favorite event or consuming it to address specific medical conditions in the body or a stress filled anxious mind. Stress is a huge issue for humans and the cultivation of breath awareness and the use of plant medicines are a welcome tonic.

Hanuman’s Asanas Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00-12:15 pm (75 mins)
Hanuman is also known as Sankat-mochan -- the remover of obstacles. Hanuman is a consummate yogi, scholar, devotee, servant, leader, warrior, poet, musician, poet, diplomat, and among other masteries. Weaving narratives of Hanuman into practical applications for the world away from the yoga mat as well as breathing in the present moment on the mat.

In this class we learn life skill, mental focus the development of our physical body as well as to cultivate courage, faith, humility, discipline, focus, persistence, devotion, surrender, service, fortitude, loving kindness, strength, resilience, bravery, dharma, self-acceptance, and the practice of letting go.

Leading asana and meditation classes since 2003, Greg has taught classes in yoga studios, private homes, massage schools, corporations, gyms, universities and the great outdoors. The role that Greg serves in students' lives is that of a motivator, to inspire students to cultivate a regular yoga practice and connect with their already existing inner potential.  This connection occurs by using yogic technologies such as asana (posture), bandhas, (internal body locks), mantras (sound current), mudras (hand gestures), and pranayama (breath control).  His classes focus on the breath, cultivating a meditative mood, and the notion of working out and in simultaneously  through vinyasa and static postures.

Greg became aware of the Bhakti Yoga as a practice and joy by attending his first kirtan shortly after completing his first teacher training 14 years ago,. he felt a deep heart awakening and re-established his relationship to God, and earnestly cultivated a Bhakti yoga practice. This practice regularly incorporates, japa (manta repetition) kirtan and seeing the Grace of God in all things as much as possible. Through this practice of Bhakti Yoga Greg became a devotee of Sri Neem Karoli Baba and Shri Mata Amritanadamayi aka Amma,aka the hugging saint and strives to find ways of both practicing and inspiring others in the notions of Love, Service and Devotion, by finding the goodness and Grace of God in the experiences of day to day living.




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