Tuesdays 9am - Hatha Vinyasa Flow

What an honor to teach "The Yoga of Love and Devotion" at the Bhakti Yoga Shala! Be prepared to get spiritually lifted, connected to your breath, and have your core worked as we flow graciously towards a peak pose. Much Lila (Play) is composed in my class and laughter is so healthy for the soul!!! Namaste and Love!!!

I will never forget my first yoga class! It was in Deland, Florida 2002! After doing my first and second solo skydive in the same day my mind was blown!!! I have flown through the sky and returned to the Earth!!! My skydiving instructor invited me to an evening yoga class. I said yes having no idea what it was. My soul was flooded with peace. I went home that night and stared at the stars for hours. I was completely at peace. Yoga and human flight have always been intertwined for me. What a miracle!!!

I was raised in Maryland with the most loving parents and sister. I am blessed to have been raised in a house with so much Love! I pursued my skydiving dreams which have taken me all over the world as a skydiving instructor, cameraman, and test jumper. It has been one big beautiful dream.

But the best part is when I developed a daily yoga practice. How did this happen??? Every day going deeper and deeper! Diet changes right away, vices fall away, self love, and love for others skyrocketing. Everything and everyone become so beautiful (Is this real life)?

In December 2014 I completed my 30 day straight 200 hour teacher training program under my beloved teachers Gina Caputo and Kathryn Crossman. I went in there one man and walked out another! I melted into the Earth and felt more Love than I ever could have imagined. For the first time in my Life I can honestly say I look at my eyes in the mirror and felt Love for myself! Letting go of things that do not serve you is beyond powerful. I also learned that for me Bhakti Yoga is my path. Discovering Monday night Kirtan with Govindas has changed my world. Right after my first Kirtan experience I could not even drive home. I was in another world of bliss. I travelled to Switzerland shortly after that and was singing to Shiva and Krishna from 1200 foot cliffs before I jumped (having no idea what they meant at the time) and have never felt so much Love in my Life! Kirtan is ultimate devotion, and I am just a baby! Yoga to me is the most beautiful prayer and offering you can do for your self, to humanity, and the planet! If I had one wish for the human race it would be lets raise our human consciousness together! I see a world of light and laughter and it is my life's greatest honor to teach this practice. I never thought I would ever do anything so beautiful in my life as leading souls towards enlightenment and self love; with core work and laughter along the way. Tuesday morning is the best part of my Life. Hope to see you all there!!!

Namaste and Eternal Love


Suggested donation $10-$15

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