Kait first turned to Yoga a a rehabilitative practice to alleviate anxiety and chronic injuries sustained as a former ballet dancer. This introduction to gym or fitness-centered yoga wasn’t resonating with Kait in Pennsylvania at the time, but she was blessed to stumble upon a donation-based studio after her move to California years later. The small, unpretentious space seemed to embody the essence of yoga a as a complete system, a love affair not committed singly to competitive physical prowess in a setting thriving on external stimuli!

Kait, dedicating herself to a consistent hatha (movement-based) yoga practice, organically became enchanted by the science and divine tradition beyond just the asana as well as her preferred meditation practice (japa chanting). Kait, once quite a professional skeptic, was joyfully surprised by her deep love for the the bhakti tradition and yogic philosophy first inspired by dear friend, teacher and founder of Yogalution Movement and Ayurveda in Long Beach, CA where Kait received her first training

After delving deeper into her practice, Kait quickly recognized a positive shift in her psychological state that transcended the mere physical benefits she originally sought as a practitioner. Now, as a teacher guided by the heart to uplift others, she is inspired to guide students utilizing a modality that integrates pranayama (breathwork), sacred movement, and guided meditation in order to therapeutically release detrimental psychological and physical patterns.

Kait curates experiential, creative classes that are adaptable to practitioners of all levels and spiritual traditions. Class is Always offered with love and very importantly, a sense of humor.

Kait received her YTRx (Yoga Therapy) training from Loyola Marymount University, and is a current candidate for her MA in Yoga Studies, under the respected guidance of Dr. Chris Chapple.

Kait is registered with the YA (Yoga Alliance) and IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists). Kait is experienced in Hatha, Alignment based Vinyasa, prenatal, Yin, aerial flow Children’s yoga and Trauma informed Yoga.. She currently serves as the LA Coordinator for James Fox, founder of the internationally acclaimed Prison Yoga Project.

Note: The yoga therapy components of my teaching are based on my IAYT accreditation, not derived from my status as an E-RYT with Yoga Alliance Registry.



Awaken Soul Slow Flow (Monday) 9am

This soulful class is designed to build heat in the body as well as strength and flexibility for ALL levels of ability, including those new to practice. Students move through postures while being encouraged to focus the attention inward. Expect a slower pace with long holds alternated with yin postures performed close to the floor or with props. This class incorporates yoga nidra (a guided relaxation) and pranayama, as well as a thematic class element, such as "Letting go with Grace." Enjoy ethereal tunes to dream awake on your Monday...

Kait enjoys getting to know her students’ so that she may design her classes so that they progress in a way that all who attend, benefit! Kait’s extensive study of anatomy allows her to offer one on suggestions, and modifications for all levels of ability, from the novice to seasoned practitioner. This class welcomes and beginners and those with acute injuries. Please alert the instructor before class of any ailments so she may help you modify your practice. All levels, all love!

Heavily Meditated Friday 9am
Join Kait and begin prepping the body for the weekend ahead with an invigorating, class graced with hypnotic tumes where we will begin with 108 powerful rounds of japa mantra (the meditative practice of reciting a mantra or a divine name.) The practice will always be thoroughly explained, and of course, participation is not required! (And hey, this is coming from a former professional skeptic!)

With elevated spirits and the palpable group energy , we will move gently through a series of restorative postures aimed at creating space in the spinal column and connective tissue before gradually moving into a moderately paced vinyasa flow (optional) designed to dissipate the remaining buildup of stress and toxins manifested in the body as physical/ mental pain. All classes are specifically designed for the individuals in attendance, guided by breath and intuition

Some Arm balances and inversions will be explored! All levels of experience are encouraged, as multiple variations of postures will be offered, including strengthening postures that will certainly aid those on a quest to go upside down! We all start somewhere!

Looking so greatly forward to meeting and learning from you all..



Suggested donation $10-$15

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