Bhakti Yoga Shala’s Signature Style of Vinyasa Yoga is what we call “Bhakti Vinyasa Flow”.

Bhakti Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a dynamic, soulful, devotional and rejuvenating physical yoga practice fusing the principles of hatha vinyasa yoga ( the union of body, breath, and movement) and the qualities of bhakti yoga (gratitude, open-heartedness, humility, compassion, and devotion). At any level, you are encouraged to honor Yourself! 

Depending on the instructor's creative expression and intuitive guidance, our Bhakti Vinyasa Flow classes at Bhakti Yoga Shala will explore a wide range of yogic tools and techniques including sun salutations, vinyasa asana sequences (flowing yoga poses with the breath), restorative yoga poses, yogic breathing excercises (pranayama), meditation, kirtan (devotional chanting), mantra chanting, inspirational quotes from great yogic saints, mystical poetry, prayer, partner yoga, massage, visualizations, affirmations, dancing, creative movement, aromatherapy, and much much more to enhance your transformative yoga experience. Come with an open mind and open heart and dive deep into your own bliss!!!

Please honor your level and take the class that is most appropriate for you...

LEVEL 1: This class is for absolutely everyone. It doesn't matter your age, shape or flexibility. This class will open you up to all of the bliss and joy that yoga has to offer.

LEVEL1/2 An inspiring, and rejuvenative flowing vinyasa yoga practice designed to strengthen, nurture, and revitalize your whole Being. A basic understanding of vinyasa yoga is recommended, but not required.

LEVEL 2/3 This uplifting flowing vinyasa class is geared toward students who want to physically challenge themselves using stonger vinyasa sequences. Be prepared to sweat!

ALL LEVELS This class is geared toward all levels. Whether you are a beginning student of yoga or experienced, our skilled BYS teachers will find a balanced practice for all in an integrated group setting.

When we slow down our vinyasas and soften in our asanas, we create the space for the inner doorways to open, prana to flow, and healing and rejuvenation to occur. A perfect retreat from the hectic busy pace of modern day living to practice REMEMBERING truth, love, source, compassion, and the perfection of life is ALWAYS HERE. As always classes will include mantra, song, prayer, joyful vibrations, meditation and and deep relaxation. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! All Levels Welcome

Chakra Bhakti Flow: Journey into your subtle body in this level I/II hatha flow class. This class incorporates traditional flow Hatha asana along with organic aromatherapy oils & misters (created for specific chakras), color visualization and guided breathing techniques.

Yin - Slow Deep Stretch: In this "yin" style yoga class,  a shanti-bhav or "peaceful mood" will support us in slow, passive holds (between 2 and 10 minutes) of simple yoga poses to deeply stretch the body and facilitate a true letting go into a profound state of grounding, relaxation, insight and stillness. This class is open to all and is a wonderful medicine to counter the anxiety that comes with the busy-ness of fast paced modern day life...

Yin- Gentle Flow: a gentle and restorative vinyasa flow integrated with deep meditation and peaceful relaxation.

Kirtan Vinyasa Yoga Flow: A unique creation by Govindas and Radha - the founders/directors of Bhakti Yoga Shala,  Kirtan Vinyasa Flow is a  blissful mandala of kirtan, movement, asana, devotion, bhakti-philosophy, and prayer. Like a moving meditation and devotional dance, Students will be guided through flowing vinyasa movements and kirtan (yogic chanting) at the SAME TIME!  This ritual is designed to compassionately open our bodies, voices, minds and hearts, and help each of us cultivate our own unique and loving relationship with the divine.

Kirtan: Kirtan is an ancient bhakti yoga practice using sacred song as an expression of devotion and prayer. The word kirtan literally translates into "praising the infinite Source - the One who orchestrates All".  The interactive/responsive form of kirtan uses ancient repetitive simple sanskrit mantras that are called, sung or chanted out by the leader (who is commonly accompanied by musicians) and then repeated back by the participants / audience. Kirtan is described as a "jewel of a spiritual practice" because of its joyful, open-hearted, meditative, and communal feeling...

Community Kirtan - Monday Nite Come join Govind das and Clay in the exploration and passionate art of chanting the divine names from the Bhakti Tradition. We will learn and explore a deeper understanding of the kirtan mantras, gods and goddesses, gurus, and how we can integrate the bhakti practices into living at our highest potientiality. Come sing, dance, and enjoy laughter and community and then stay for Andres Salcedo's 8:30pm yoga class after! For the newbies to kirtan/chanting, just bring yourself. no special clothes or yoga mat needed. If you have a meditation cushion or blanket, it may be nice to sit on. EVERY MONDAY NITE!

jai uttal kirtan





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