4/20 Yoga Party
Friday, April 20th at 8pm

with Bruce Margolin (Ganja Dharma Talk) Greg Balza (Yin Yoga) Angel Cantu (medicine ceremony) Scott Greenhut (soundbath) Arjuna O’Neal (Kirtan) Govind Das (Kirtan)

Come join us to celebrate the the freedom of the sacred herb in California and its long use in the Bhakti, Yoga and Ayurvedic traditions. We will mingle and meet, invoke the evening with a medicine prayer and ceremony, take Prasad(kichari), practice hypnotic yin yoga with a sound Bath and finish the nite with Sadhu Kirtan with Govind Das and Arjuna O’Neal. Please no medicating on the BYS property. Pls come pre medicated if so desired.

$20 suggested donation

Bhakti Social Night Consciously Connect in Community
with Angel Cantu  

Saturday, April 21st at 8pm

It’s funny how we can sometimes feel disconnected in this city of four million angels, with so many avenues, activities and attractions it can be difficult to find friendship. I’m interested in creating a different kind of Saturday night, an experience of Sanga in which we connect and collaborate, open to the wider net of consciousness to remember we are many but we come from One. Join us in an eclectic night of expansion entering into new relationships with friends and family you’ve yet to meet.

Our evening includes:  Breathwork Partner yoga Dance + DJ Dinner

$20 suggested donation

Pre-Shakti Fest Kirtan
with Johanna Beekman and Friends

Friday, April 27th at 8pm

Come experience the shared heartbeat of kirtan and devotional singing with Johanna Beekman and friends. Johanna’s unforgettable songs will open your heart and inspire you on your journey long after the last note fades into silence.

Johanna is a multi-genre recording artist, sacred songstress, yoga teacher, and kirtan artist. She is loved for her rich, soulful voice, radiant spirit, and evocative, inspiring songs.

Johanna’s devotional music springs from her roots in gospel, blue-eyed soul, and world music. Her introduction to the sacred art of chanting began at a young age with Krishna Das and Ram Dass. This has born fruit in recent years as she has dedicated her life to the path of yoga and chant. She created Lullaby Yoga™, a unique fusion of dreamy chants and restorative and yin yoga. She also offers world-inspired gospel-infused kirtan for festivals, yoga studios, and churches across the country.

$20 suggested donation

Blue Lotus & Cacao Sound Ceremony
with Micah Sheiner & Elaine Alghani

Saturday April 28th, 8:30 - 10pm
Please join us for an evening of Cacao Ceremony, supported by a blissful and improvisational shamanic sound journey. In this ceremony we invite you to welcome and celebrate the divine union of your masculine/feminine energies within your heart space.

An Indigenous myth recalls that when the Earth and its people are out of balance, the cacao or raw chocolate will come out of the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony and balance. We are now living in those times.

The ceremony is gifted from Spirit as a tool to heal separation and move into Oneness Consciousness. Cacao sprit works to help us open to the highest potential of our hearts..

She works closely with the flower spirit devas as well as the star beings and the earth star. When pure raw cacao is infused with certain flower energies an alchemy occurs. And both the Cacao and the flower's essence or its spiritual "medicine" is activated. In this ceremony we will be activating the cacao with blue lotus.

We hope you will join us to ride your personal bliss wave, journey within and open to the magic of these wonderful plant spirit teachers.


Micah Sheiner is a vibrational artist/healer. He explores & teaches sacred sound through bowls, gongs, voice, & a variety of shamanic instruments. Micah weaves soundscapes for healing, journeying, & meditation ~ conducting sound baths, individual sessions, & trainings in CA & internationally. www.resonantsoundscapes.com

Elaine Alghani is a Shamanic artist, practitioner, teacher, and guide. She is passionate about inspiring people to embrace Integrative Shamanism as a path to personal power, soul, inner connectedness and heart-centered awareness. In her training programs students participate in and learn to share the ancient wisdom of Shamanism to enhance the quality, depth, and vibrancy of their lives, businesses and relationships to self, each other and the earth. ~ myshamanicsoul.com



Passages Over Water:
Remembering Your Hidden Gifts with Modita

Friday, May 4th at 7pm

Come join Christy “Modita” Engels for a relaxing evening of story and song. Reviving the ancient practice of storytelling, Modita delights young and old by telling sacred tales from around the world. Her passion for the telling, “awakens the mind, opens the heart and ignites the soul to Remember!” In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to remember unique messages encoded in stories of journeys over water.

Modita will tell stories from ancient Hindu scriptural story, The Ramayana. The Ramayana is an epic tale about Rama, an incarnation of the deity Vishnu, Sita, the incarnation of the goddess Lakshmi, and the monkey Hanuman, the devoted servant of Ram. Ramayana stories are celebrated in song and dance around the world, and form the basis of many Kirtan chants. It is said that simply hearing the telling of the Ramayana is transformational. Modita accompanies her stories and songs with the four-stringed tamboura from India, as well as a variety of drums and rhythm instruments. With joy and devotion, Modita brings each story to life, allowing the listener to discover within themselves timeless qualities of joy, healing, service, faith, love, peace, courage and more.

So, come and relax. Listen to the stories and discover for yourself the messages meant especially for you. Modita is a teller of inspirational stories and singer of sacred songs, delighting workshop participants with stories, songs, and spiritual practices from various traditions, and filling them with peace, and joy, while providing spiritual tools for everyday living.

Modita’s stories are drawn from her diverse experience as a storyteller, singer, educator, artist, musician, minister, attorney, and mediator. She is a student of Ram Dass, a devotee of Neem Karoli Baba, and has studied the Hindu epic the Ramayana for over 30 years. During that time, Modita has embellished her story telling repertoire with other stories from around the world, as well as her personal stories.

Modita’s songs include Kirtan, chants from Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hahn, and chants from many other traditions. She accompanies these songs with the four-stringed tamboura from India, an instrument that is plucked to produce a haunting drone, as well as a variety of drums and rhythm instruments.

Modita has told her stories at classes, workshops, retreats, meetings, parties and other events. By hearing these stories and singing these songs, participants discover personal gifts and recover the joy and innocence of a child.

suggested donation $20

Govind Das & Radha

Pre Shakti Fest Kirtan with Govind Das and Radha and special guests Rob and Melissa
Saturday, May 5th at 8pm

Come join us for an uplifting and heartfelt evening of kirtan with GOVIND DAS & RADHA and dearest friends of BYS from Seattle Washington, ROB AND MELISSA http://robandmelissa.com/.

Kichari will be served as well as a heaping dose of Mantra, Dharma, Dance, and good vibes

Rob and Melissa are bhakti yogis, teachers and kirtan singers devoted to celebrating the divine through the practice of kirtan (call and response chanting). When Rob and Melissa first met, neither of them sang kirtan or practiced Bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion). By the time they married two years later, the foundation of their partnership was a mutual desire to place love and devotion as their number one priorities.

As these seeds of devotion grew, Rob and Melissa naturally gravitated toward kirtan and Bhakti yoga. Rob and Melissa’s kirtan is a fresh take on an ancient practice. Their heart-filled songs blend Sanskrit chants with modern, accessible melodies and lush harmonies. Their music has been described as “heart-opening bliss,” “joyful medicine,” and “love and devotion materialized!”

Rob and Melissa are eternally grateful for the transformative yoga practice of kirtan, devotion and singing from the heart. Their personal mantra of “Be Nice and Have Fun” has become the foundation of their life philosophy, and their gift is sharing this joy through mantra and movement. Rob and Melissa are based in the Pacific Northwest, but their music keeps them on the move, and they've shared their kirtan as far away as Italy and India. When they aren't on the road, they lead regular weekly and monthly kirtans in Seattle, WA.

In addition to sharing their music at yoga studios and festivals, they teach Bhakti workshops (including modules for Teacher Training programs), lead retreats and provide live music for yoga classes.


suggested donation $20

Govind Das & Radha


Thursday May 10th 1pm – 6:30pm | Joshua Tree, CA

Please join us for this intimate pre-festival immersion as we dive deep into the heart of cultivating a deeper living, loving yoga practice both on and off the mat. We will explore how to stay connected each day into the flow of the heart through teachings, practices and techniques that connect us deeply into the flow of life itself, both in good times and challenging times. Living yoga as the path of the heart and intimate connection with all of life.

Saul & Govind Das have been friends for 20 years and are excited to come together and share this special afternoon at Shaktifest.

This Afternoon Immersion will include:
* 2 Yoga Practices ( solar + lunar) with Saul & Govind Das
* Teaching Circle
* Kirtan with Govind Das & Radha, Jim Beckwith, Tulsi Devi & Saul
* Live Music
* Techniques & Practices for living yoga in everyday life
* Heart centered meditation practices
* Bhakti Yoga teachings
* Chanting Hanuman Chalisa & Gayatri Mantra
* Closing Sound Bath

***Also includes Vegetarian Dinner & Camping pass for Thursday night ***
Please bring a water bottle and light high vibration snacks to eat/share


Krishna White

Experiencing Equipoise in the Chaos Through Breathwork & Shamanic Journeying with Krishna White
Friday, May 18th at 7pm

All are welcome to these events. No prerequisites are needed, just a willingness for self-inquiry, a desire for personal growth and longing to be one with Spirit.

Breathwork uses the breath and spirit/prana to access non-ordinary states of inner-awareness for the sole purpose of self-exploration and an awakening to take place. This powerful experience is not for the feint of heart as it is a powerful and transformational modality.

Shamanic Journeying is a multidimensional approach for spiritual healing where you will be escorted to a non-dualistic plane to harness the quantum field. In this realm energetic keys will unlock and remove reactionary patterns, blocks, barriers and agreements that no longer serve you.

Krishna White’s Bio
As a young boy, Krishna was initiated into ancient lineage of Siddha Masters (being of light and love) tracing all away back to Shiva. Their sole purpose is to serve and uplift humanity in their own ways. One of Krishna's passions and talents is to create and hold a sacred space for you. His grounded energy take you deep within to the root of the matter and his soothing and heart based manner invites your work to unfold in a profound way.

Over the past 40 Krishna’s passionate pursuit has been his own self-discovery and personal unfoldment. He started his professional carrie in in the healing arts in 1991. Since then he has gathered varies of healing modalities and wisdom that he has mastered and culmination of these works, he is offering to you in these playshop.”

suggested donation $25


Special Evening of Kirtan with Ragani
Saturday, May 19th at 8pm
Featuring Dave Allen (percussion) and Rick Franz (guitar)

Immerse and rejuvenate yourself with the ancient mantras of India in this special evening of Kirtan with Ragani, who will offer her heartfelt music and stories to touch the sacred spirit within us all.

“The practice of kirtan is not about musical ability or training, it is about the heart. As a practice of bhakti (devotional yoga), the experience of kirtan serves to awaken our hearts, to connect us to the Ever-present and Eternal Being that lies within. All the mantras, melodies and instruments are designed to lead us toward this meditative state.”

Named as “100 Milwaukeeans You Need to Know”, Ragani’s award-winning music has touched the hearts of the world for over 35 years. She has been featured in numerous national/international publications, including Recording Magazine and the celebrated book/videos: Yoga: Mastering the Basics. An award-winning artist and producer, she has written music for film & tv (The Oprah Winfrey Show, etc). Known for her wit and down-to-earth style, she gracefully shares the timeless wisdom of her Himalayan lineage though her music, her teachings, and her healing practices. www.RaganiWorld.com

suggested donation $20

Adnan Sarhan

Sufi Workshops with Adnan Sarhan
May 25th - 27th - Weekend Workshop

Friday, May 25, 7pm - 9pm Meditative Drum Concert with Audience Participation
Saturday, May 26, 12pm - 5:30pm
Sunday, May 27, 12pm - 5:30pm

Adnan Sarhan, founder of the Sufi Foundation, is internationally known for his “Rapid Method.” Adnan leads participants in a wide range of timeless techniques. Exercises, meditation, drumming, movement, chanting, dancing and whirling are used to develop the higher intelligence of the heart. Over the years, Adnan has conducted workshops at prestigious institutions around the world including St. James' Church in London; World Congress of Psychology in Switzerland; the Earth Summit in Brazil; Church of St. John the Divine, New York and many others.

Sufism works from the premise that because man can be so blindly linked to his habits, perceptions, thoughts and feelings, he is a tension unit spiraling within his own self-created problems. Workshops led by Sufi master, Adnan Sarhan have enveloped thousands of people from every walk of life throughout the United States, and he continues to enthrall people by igniting powerful experiences internally and externally.

Adnan Sarhan

The powerfully effective work utilized by Adnan helps the mind and body to overcome its shallow states of carelessness and inability to concentrate. The mind is “allowed to refocus” itself and realign the constant pulling toward distractions of the world. It is indeed a shock to acknowledge our deepest tensions, yet it is exhilarating to re-awaken the natural condition of human freedom in all senses of the word.

Sufism is never fixedly dogmatic; it encompasses a basic and universal system fundamentally to know and find God, and the deep love of man and womankind. There exists no organized church and there is no denial of any other religion. Sufi concepts encompass all, and it is through Adnan’s skill of meditation, breathing exercises, and music, that people overcome erratic emotional and ego stages that enables them to move into higher states of consciousness.

Sufi practices leading to heightened consciousness can be experienced in workshops with Adnan Sarhan.

Adnan presents a weekend workshop in Santa Monica at Bhakti Yoga Shala, May 25-27, 2018. He will do meditative drum concert on Friday, May 25 from 7pm to 9pm (cost: $10). Saturday and Sunday, May 26 and 27 will be sufi workshops from 12pm to 5:30pm (cost: $70 per day or $120 for both days).

For more information call 310-828-2703 or 917-287-6138 or visit www.sufifoundation.org

• $10 Friday night
• Sat & Sun $120 both days
• One day $70.00


Kirtan with Astrud and the Cosmic Caravan
Saturday, May 26th at 8pm
Join Astrud and her Cosmic Caravan- Nicholas Soter on Guitar
Jun Ishimuro on Flute And Ajaya Davidson on drum for a sweet evening of Kirtan.

Through the power of sound and vibration we shake things up from the inside out, we surrender and cut through ideas and beliefs of separation and celebrate the powerful union with the Divine, peace and with each other. Love and devotion are the essence behind the practice of Bhakti Yoga and the ability to surrender to your highest loving self - One mantra at a time is what this practice awakens in us.

Astrud is a celebrated Kirtan Wallah, based out of San Francisco. She shares the practice of Bhakti Yoga the Yoga of Devotion through her devotional Kirtans as well as teaches the essence of Bhakti Yoga to Yoga teachers in training. Her practice began over 20 years ago in NYC and she has been devoted to the path ever since. For her, Mantras are like road maps that lead directly to the source, the heart. The longing to connect with spirit, light and one another is celebrated in the Bhakti tradition so it is through these relationships that we prosper and deepen our love for the Divine, for one another and for ourselves.

suggested donation $20


Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa with Govind Das
Every Wednesday at 6:30pm

The Hanuman Chalisa is a beloved chant of Neem Karoli Baba devotees and Hanuman lovers everywhere. The Chalisa is a 40 verse devotional hymn written by Tulsi Das over 500 years ago to awaken within the great qualities of Hanuman love service devotion strength courage faith.

To chant the Chalisa is to tune into the channel of Hanuman's Loving Grace. After the chanting of the Chalisa several times we will eat kichari together. Come have dinner with us, offering prasad: Kichari is a delicious yogic, healing, nourishing food made with yellow split Mung Dahl, basmati rice, turmeric, cumin and coriander.

Suggested donation $20

Monday Nite Kirtan with Govind Das, Clay Campbell
and Arjuna O'Neal

Every Monday at 6:30pm

Come join in the exploration and passionate art of chanting the divine names from the Bhakti Tradition. We will learn and explore a deeper understanding of the kirtan mantras, gods and goddesses, gurus, and how we can integrate the bhakti practices into living at our highest potientiality. Come sing, dance, and enjoy laughter and community. For the newbies to kirtan/chanting, just bring yourself. no special clothes or yoga mat needed. If you have a meditation cushion or blanket, it may be nice to sit on. EVERY MONDAY NITE!!


Mondays at 6:30pm

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