Sattva Yoga with Prema
Wednesday, April 26th at 6:30pm

We will immerse into Self-Mastery together! Self-Mastery is being in control of the internal thought processes that guide our emotions, habits, behaviors and reactions.

By using the ancient practices of Meditation, Pranayama (breath work), Asana and Tantric Kriyas, we will explore and heal the 2nd Chakra, any reactive tendencies that arise and any self-sabotaging beliefs. Let us return to the ever-present, grounded, powerful, Master within.

Master your mind. Master your Self. Master your Life. Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday at 6:30pm! Please dress for movement. Om Namah Shivaya! 

Suggested Donation $20

Sound Bath with Monique Hitzman
Friday, May 5th at 8:30pm

Monique Hitzman is a Harpist, Therapeutic Musician, Sound Therapist, Tera Mai Practitioner, Akashic Records Practitioner & Intuitive. She conducts group sound baths in LA and Orange Counties & does Private Individual Sound Healings in Santa Monica that include Tera Mai hands-on energy healing.

After working several years in the entertainment industry, Monique started her sound therapy career as a Therapeutic Musician playing harp music at the bedside for the sick and dying. She’s played frequently at the VA Hospital in West LA and & St. John of God Hospice. Monique is also an Intuitive who gives Akashic Record Readings and teaches various classes on spiritual and intuitive development.

Monique continues to study all the possibilities of sound, energy and spirit so she can help her clients recognize their own healing abilities as well as being a conduit of light, love, joy & harmony. Monique is available for group and & private sound healings, Intuitive readings & Harp music for all occasions. Monique brings her knowledge, her musical ability, her open heart, her spiritual awareness and her high vibration to everyone she meets! With her musical guides at her side, she will help shift your frequency back to its harmonious state.

suggested donation $20

with Govind das & Radha
Monday, May 15th from 10am to 1pm

At the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, Joshua Tree CA

Govind Das and Radha (along with special musical guests) will lovingly guide shakti yogis and yoginis through a joy-filled heart sharing practice, ritual, and satsang.

Practices to tap into the medicine of the heart will include:
- dialogue, journaling, and dharma talks(pls bring pen & journal)
- invocation mantras, kirtan/kirtan philosophy
- teachings from the gurus, saints, great masters and scriptures
- nectar-filled lunar slow and gentle bhakti flow and deep extended shavasana relaxation
- hands-on adjustments and heart-full partner yoga
- affirmations to amplify the frequency of the loving heart

We will specifically focus upon and get clear with how we can bring our Bhakti Awakened Hearts back into our Post Shakti Fest everyday lives… and truly LIVE IN THE SACRED wherever we may be.

At the core of our experience we will invoke, celebrate, & praise the presence of the Love- known by many names in different cultures. This post-intensive is open to all ages and all levels of yoga practitioners and will be grounded in a rich and mellow devotional mood of gratitude, compassion, peace, and spiritual upliftment. Thank you. We look forward to being together.



Kirtan with Arjun Baba
Friday, May 19th at 8:30pm

Arjun Baba's intention is to share the traditions of Kirtan/Bhajan, & Sufi Ghazal/Qawwali devotional music to the west & worldwide; by sharing the chant, as well as the raag, melodies & beautiful history of Hindustani music. He is currently considered a unique and leading kirtan singer in the western world for over 17 years.

With annual tours through Europe, North America, India, UK & more; his passion is to express the beauty of this music and practice. Born in New York City, living many years between India and California, he currently resides in Rishikesh, India, and returns to the west annually to share this path of music and devotion.

Since 1998 he has recorded 7 volumes of bhajan and kirtan, 6 of sufi qawwali music, as well as 6 volumes with his collective "Arjun & Guardians", where songwriting and eclectic styles are explored. He is a member of Fanna Fi Allah Sufi Qawwali Party (where he has studied in the lineage of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan), and The Dub Kirtan All Stars (featuring producers Freq Nasty and David Starfire); as well as collaborating with DJ Drez, MC Yogi, and The Kirtaniyas

Collaborating with such accomplished tabla players as Jason Kalidas (UK), Dildar Hussain (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Tabla, Pakistan), Vijay Krsna (India/UK/US), Aminah Chisty (US/Pakistan), and Radha Gopinath (US) you are sure to enjoy a powerful kirtan experience mixed with elements of indian classical, improvisation, bhajan, ghazal, and qawwali

"Arjun is the real deal." - Carlos Menjivar , Managing Director ; Jivamukti NYC

"Very few practitioners of the Kirtan practice can match Arjun's level of authenticity. He is truly one of the finest I have ever heard."- Shiva Baum/Executive Producer of Krishna Das' Breath Of The Heart and Producer of Bhagavan Das' Now. Former head of A&R, Triloka Records

"The most inspired kirtan I've heard since Bhagavan Das"- Yoga Arts, Chicago

"Arjun delivers an uplifting kirtan presentation filled with authentic Indian musical sensibilities, and the harmonious sweetness of a long time Spiritual Devotee of Bhakti Yoga". -Sridhar silberfein- Founder & Producer - BhaktiFest

"Arjun's music comes from a deep place, it reveals so much and connect the listener to so much more" - Matthew Lombardo: Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher.

Listed in top 3 suggested kirtan cd's in the renown Jivamukti Yoga tablebook. (NYC,2003) ( Arjun has also been featured in New York Magazine, Yoga Yournal, Common Ground Magazine & many others.

suggested donation $20

Kirtan with Vaiyasaki Das
Saturday, May 27th at 8:30pm

Some spiritual truths cannot be conveyed in words—but are carried instantly to the soul when experienced directly through music. Vaiyasaki Das, an international kirtan singer, will perform at Bhakti Yoga Shala to share his passion for chanting the Divine Names of God.

With over forty years experience, Vaiyasaki Das has been called “the Godfather of Kirtan.” He is one of the early Western pioneers to present the spiritual practice and musical art of mantra chanting around the world. His unique kirtan style was inspired by the various Kirtan Traditions he absorbed while living in India and Bengal.

An evening of kirtan with Vaiyasaki Das includes spiritual stories, a musical groove, and his irresistible sweet voice to delight your heart and enchant your soul.

Vaiyasaki Das travels the world with his wife Kishori who plays percussion. They come to Bhakti Yoga Shala on their 2017 tour after performing in Italy, Monaco, Malta, England, Germany, Spain, Thailand, India, and the USA.

His considerable knowledge of the vast repertoire of ancient devotional mantra chanting has provided the foundation for a new generation of artists in the flourishing genre of kirtan yoga and mantra meditation.

Vaiyasaki Das' CDs include: The Way of Love, Charana Kamal, Kirtan Rasa, Hari-Nam-Ananda, Transcendence, Vrindavan Chandra, Ratha-Yatra USA, Best of Vaiyasaki, Sri Krishna Divya Nam - the beautiful divine name, & Kirtan Explosion - high energy kirtans.

At Bhakti Yoga Shala his latest CD, Melodies from the Heart, will be available for the first time.

suggested donation $20


Monday Nite Kirtan with Govind Das, Clay Campbell
and Arjuna O'Neal

Every Monday at 6:30pm

Come join in the exploration and passionate art of chanting the divine names from the Bhakti Tradition. We will learn and explore a deeper understanding of the kirtan mantras, gods and goddesses, gurus, and how we can integrate the bhakti practices into living at our highest potientiality. Come sing, dance, and enjoy laughter and community. For the newbies to kirtan/chanting, just bring yourself. no special clothes or yoga mat needed. If you have a meditation cushion or blanket, it may be nice to sit on. EVERY MONDAY NITE!!


Mondays at 6:30pm

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