Divine Shakti Flow with live music with Kristin Urbanus
Friday, July 28th at 7pm

Dive inward and connect with your inner feminine nature. Enjoy the grounding and rhythmic sounds of the djembe drum as we flow and let go. In the season of summer our creative energy is alive and thriving.

Together, we will sustain this energy by nourishing our bodies, minds and souls. Move through an intentional vinyasa flow practice and tap into your already awakened senses. Open your heart and soften. Seal the practice with grounding restorative postures.

*All are welcome, both men and women!

From Kristin:
"As a teacher, I guide students to use the practice of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, and present body awareness to move through breath centered and vinyasa flow practices. The intention is around strengthening our relationship with ourselves by building a greater sense of awareness of our experience, and allowing our bodies to maintain or gently be guided back to the natural rhythms that support a healthy body.

My classes seek to find a balance between safe alignment, a physically challenging yet grounding practice, and allowing the body to intuitively and creatively express itself through movement."

suggested donation $20

Soundbath Concert with Aya and Tyler
Saturday, July 29th at 8:30pm

Enjoy a modern Soundbath Concert created by Aya and Tyler.

Their live original soundscape blends shamanic electronica & mystic soulful harmonies featuring Aya's angelic otherworldly voice - A deeply relaxing experience. In their live performance, Aya and Tyler record live loops, layering vocals, instruments, and percussion into an alluring soundscape that invites the listener to experience his or her true essential nature.

Fusing english lyrics with sacred mantras, elements of jazz and electronica with soul and R&B, and shamanic rhythms with indigenous instruments, Aya and Tyler create an accessible experience of meditation through the power of music.

Tickets $30

with Swami Gyanmita Prem Prasad
Friday, August 4th at 7:00pm

Join Swami Gyanmitra Prem Prasad for a profound evening of inquiry and transformation. Fresh back from 5 months in Asia (primarily India and Nepal), this event will include profound insights, deep sharing and a whole lotta laughter.

We will plunge into the mechanics of how change and growth happen for us, rejoice in the rare gift that is a human incarnation, discuss intentionality and the powerful responsiveness of this universe, and exploration of the transformation possible for us. There will be ample opportunity for individual work and questions.

Time permitting, Prasad will share details from his travels, including the 3 day vision quest in the Himalayas without food or water, and the story and meaning of the new name(s) bestowed on him.

Swami Gyanmitra Prem Prasad has been called a cosmic cowboy, a master life coach, a guide, a devotee, a friend, an enemy, a teacher, a student. He prefers to be called a journeyman.

His experience and abilities draw from an eight-year apprenticeship with Swami Premodaya, and immersions in Christianity, Buddhism, 12 steps, psychotherapy (emphasizing transpersonal, Freudian, and ennegream), Constellation healing, Scientological auditing, Hinduism (Advaita Vedanta, Yogas, Neo-tantra, Sai Shakti healing, Ma Pratyngira Devi) and NLP. When not occupied as Spiritual Director of I-CODA (International Centers of Divine Awakening), you’ll find him rock climbing or planning his next mountaineering expedition.

suggested donation $20

Living Puja Workshop & Mantra Practice
with Mirabai Moon
Sunday, August 6th from 2:30pm to 4:30pm

Puja means prayerful ritual. Want to learn simple yogic rituals of devotion to take your practice to the next level? Join Bhakti Yoga teacher Miribai Moon for a Living Puja Workshop. Infuse your life with a sense of sacredness. Learn the how and why of classic yogic practices of Japa (mantra meditation), Abishek (ritual bathing of sacred objects), Aarti (waving of the light), how to make offerings, and special yogic prayers. Our time together will culminate in a group devotional chant (Kirtan).

Mirabai Moon learned these yogic practices from her travels in India, and also from the Integral Yoga lineage of Swami Satchidananda of which she is an initiate. Her immersion in the spiritual practice of Kirtan has infused her life with the mystical presence of the Divine.

suggested donation $20

August 10-14 | Hanuman Gardens | Ojai California

In this retreat we will uncover the essential teachings of Ram Dass on Identity, The Witness, Transforming Suffering, Cultivating Love and Compassion, Meditation and Practice, Karma Yoga, Relationships and Death/Dying. Ram Dass will teach via Skype in various sessions.

This retreat is both for those who wish to be immersed in these teachings in order to share them back in their own communities, as well as, those who simply wish to go to deeper levels of practice in a more intimate setting with smaller groups.

Govind Das will be leading the nightly kirtan.

For more info and to register

For more info and to register

Shaman's Heart Yoga & Sound Healing with Shams Teh
Friday, August 18th at 7:30pm

As you enter the healing space you will be cleansed with the smoke “smudging” of sacred herbs. To begin Shams will guide you in some gentle breathing and yogic exercises to raise the body’s energy level and prepare it for deep relaxation.

Shams works with many instruments such as a Paiste Symphonic Gong, rattle, Tibetan bowls, drums, whistles from the Amazon and crystal singing bowls Charango. The vast frequency range of the instruments that Shams uses is designed to work on the different frequencies that correspond to the chakra system. A chakra system that is balanced promotes healthy physical and emotional health and is a gateway to lead us to deep meditation.

The effect on our consciousness when we are placed inside this healing sound space may open up different doorways within our mind and allow us access to different realms and dimensions.

At the end of the sound journey, Shams works with power animal cards to assist your experience throughout the sound journey.

Shams is a gifted and passionate healer, shamanic practitioner and yogi who has studied many aspects of the healing arts. He started his journey by studying with Barry Kaufman "Bears" at the Option Institute in 2001, where he completed an intensive program called, Living the Dream. This program looked at all aspects of the human psyche and how it can change our beliefs and from this basis how it can change our lives. This lead Shams to lead a life of service to others. He began working at Pura Vida Yoga Retreat and Wellness Center in Costa Rica. There, he was exposed to all forms of yoga.

In 2005, Shams completed Level I Kundalini training with 3ho Foundation in New Mexico. After many years of teaching and practicing healing work with Central and South American Indigenous and Shamanic healers, he began to develop his own style of yoga therapy he calls Shaman's Heart Yoga. This is a ceremonial yoga that blends shamanic philosophy and yogic asanas with a deep concentration on the body's most powerful, energetic and magnetic force - the heart's center.

A yoga class with Shams is specific to your therapeutic needs and teaches you to expand your consciousness and become a conscious observer of your own emotions, helping you deepen your self-love.

price $33

Yantras and Mantras with Sarah Tomlinson
Saturday, November 11th from 2 - 4pm

Join us for this unique yantra+mantra workshop and celebrate the launch of Sarah's Latest Book "Coloring Yantras" - this coloring book on the planetary and goddess Yantras and Yantra Mandalas is . (pick up your signed copy at the workshop)

Immerse yourself in the visual-soundscape of Yantras and Mantras. This workshop will give you a direct experience of the transporting effect of working with ancient geometric symbols, Yantras, through applying color with Sarah Tomlinson (www.sarahyantra/yantra), and you can tune into the Mantras through the music and song of Kirtan during the workshop. This workshop will give you some new meditative tools to use during the holiday season to stay sane and keep the goodness flowing.

Bring your favorite coloring pens or pencils, and a gold and silver metallic pen. You can take home your Yantra(s) after this workshop to uplift the energy in your home.

"Coloring Yantras is a rich offering to bring the transformational power of yantras to all. With in-depth knowledge infused in each yantra, we can now trace and color with Sarah’s beautiful drawings infused with the blessings of her guru Harish Johari."
-Shiva Rea, founder Prana Vinyasa and Samudra Global School for Living Yoga

"More than a coloring book, this collection of art teaches us the meaning of Sacred Yantras, encouraging us to use them as empowerment symbols to create the life we want with deep respect for the ancient science of Yantra. For you, your altar, your children, your family art time; we love the moments of art-making together with Sarah's precious work."
-Elena Brower, Author, Art of Attention and Practice You

Sarah Tomlinson: Sarah is an author, artist, yogini, yantrica and mother. After becoming certified in the Jivamukti Yoga Method decades ago by David Life and Sharon Gannon, she traveled to India where she worked extensively with her mentor and teacher, the world famous, Harish Johari. Yoga Journal deemed Johari, “ Ayurveda’s Renaissance Man.” He initiated Sarah into the spiritual practice of painting Yantras and she has been practicing and teaching the ancient art ever since. Sarah is the author of "Nine Designs For Inner Peace" Destiny Publishing, 2008, A guide to creating the Planetary Yantras, is the creator of "The Yantra Bliss Oracle Deck" January 2017


Cost $25
Kids Free


Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa with Govind Das
Every Wednesday at 6:30pm

We are so happy to share our new weekly event!

The Hanuman Chalisa is a beloved chant of neemkarolibaba devotee's and Hanuman lovers everywhere. The Chalisa is a 40 verse devotional hymn written by TulsiDas over 500 years ago to awaken within the great qualities of Hanuman love service devotion strength courage faith.

To chant the Chalisa is to tune into the channel of Hanuman's Loving Grace. After the chanting of the Chalisa several times we will eat kichari kichari together. Come have dinner with us makeoffering prasad Kichari is a delicious yogic healing nourishing food made with yellow split Mung Dahl basmati rice and turmec cumin coriander.

Suggested donation $20

Monday Nite Kirtan with Govind Das, Clay Campbell
and Arjuna O'Neal

Every Monday at 6:30pm

Come join in the exploration and passionate art of chanting the divine names from the Bhakti Tradition. We will learn and explore a deeper understanding of the kirtan mantras, gods and goddesses, gurus, and how we can integrate the bhakti practices into living at our highest potientiality. Come sing, dance, and enjoy laughter and community. For the newbies to kirtan/chanting, just bring yourself. no special clothes or yoga mat needed. If you have a meditation cushion or blanket, it may be nice to sit on. EVERY MONDAY NITE!!


Mondays at 6:30pm

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