spring equinox

Sound Bath with Monique Hitzman
Friday, March 23th at 8:00pm

During a Sound Bath or Private Session, you will experience a deep sense of peace,
relaxation, clarity of mind and harmony. Sound Healing works on an emotional,
mental, physical and spiritual level and will raise your vibration and shift your
frequency back to your natural harmonious state.

Monique Hitzman is a Sound Therapist, Harpist, Therapeutic Musician, Tera Mai
Practitioner, Akashic Records Practitioner & Intuitive. She conducts group sound baths
in LA and Orange Counties & does Private Individual Sound Healings in Santa Monica
that include Tuning Forks, crystals, and Tera Mai hands-on energy healing.

After working several years in the entertainment industry, Monique started her sound
therapy career as a Therapeutic Musician playing harp music at the bedside in hospitals
and hospices, for the sick and dying. Monique is also an Intuitive who gives Akashic
Record Readings and teaches various classes on meditation, spiritual and intuitive


$20 Donation Suggested

spring equinox

Bhakti Spring Equinox Kirtan Celebration
Saturday, March 24th at 7:30pm

With Neil Martin, Daniel Stewart, Lisa Florine, Greg Balza, Vito Gregoli,
Christo Pellani, and more!!

The Spring Equinox (also known as the Vernal Equinox) signals the beginning of Spring when Life springs forth in its Abundance. It’s spiritually significant as a time for renewal, rebirth, and resurrection. Join us as we celebrate the Bhakti Way-- with a Spring renewal ritual, yummy vegetarian food, Kirtan, and lots and lots of singing and dancing.

7:30p.m.: Spring Renewal and Rebirth Ritual
8:00p.m - Kirtan Celebration

$20 Donation Suggested

The Vision Workshop: Live the Life You Love!

The Vision Workshop: Live the Life You Love!
Sunday, March 25th at 1pm

Your dreams are too important to be stuck on the back burner. It’s time to make your contribution and change the world! Register to The Vision Workshop, discover your true purpose, and get on a proven path to deep fulfillment and meaning.

3 Keys To Accelerating Your Results
Do you want to discover your true dream or purpose?
• Would you like to eliminate fear, doubt, and worry and move toward your goals with confidence?
• Do you want to increase prosperity and stay in complete harmony with your highest values and spiritual beliefs?
If these questions resonate with you, then you are going to love this workshop!

In 1853, Henry David Thoreau wrote a famous essay called “Walden,” in which he included a hidden code for prosperous living. During this dynamic Vision workshop you will unlock this code so that you can harness your life’s purpose and the prosperity you deserve!

You will learn:
• Two essential keys for tuning into your purpose.
• A 5-point test for determining whether your dream is right for you.
• Simple thinking-strategies that will guard you from fear, doubt and worry.
• What wealthy people do that creates sustained success.
• The number one factor that causes people to lose steam when going after a dream, and how to stay motivated and override it.
• A proven method for dissolving resistance you may have to prosperity so you can attract higher levels of results and abundance.
• The 1 critical thing you must give up in order to reach your dream.

For over 10 years Denise Michelle has worked in Holistic Health and Wellness with organizations and individuals, helping them open their hearts, build their dreams and create richer, more fulfilling lives through Yoga, Meditation, Somatic Bodywork Alchemy and Spiritual Entrepreneurship. She is now bridging the love in her work bringing you The Vision Workshop!

She dedicates her deep connection with spirit and educating in Self Love empowerment to guide her gifts in yoga, meditation and vision coaching with the world. In her own path to healing, she learned that living a mindful life is ultimate practice of SelfLove, the place where dreams come alive and transformation is made.

$15 PreRegister
$22 At Door

*Cash or PayPal

Song Circle and Shamanic Sound Journey
with Shervin and Friends

Indigenous Dreamtime:
Song Circle and Shamanic Sound Journey
with Shervin and Friends

Sunday, March 25th at 8pm

Come join us for an uplifting evening of sacred songs and shamanic sounds. This ceremonial live music experience includes a sound journey with Tibetan Bowls, crystal bowls, didgeridoo, shaman drum, meditation chimes, prayer flute, ceremonial chants from different world indigenous and mystical traditions such as Native American, Amazonian, Persian Sufi, Balinese, Vedic Indian and more.

Shervin Boloorian is Founder of Sound Healing Bali and a certified Tama-Do (Way of the Soul) sound and color therapist. Shervin is also the CoFounder of Bali Sound Healers Collective, the world’s first community of sound healers . Currently based in Ubud, Shervin earned his professional credentials from Fabien Maman’s Tama-Do “Way of the Soul” Academy (started in 1988), holds a Masters Degree, is trained in urban shamanism, and is a passionate lifelong vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumental musician.

Trained in several sound healing techniques, including Tama-Do tuning forks on acupuncture point therapy, musical spine, color healing, and acoustic sound harmonizations with musical instruments (Sound Medicine), Shervin supports each individual’s ‘inner calling’. He aims to replace tension with inspiration; open the heart, positively engage with community and coworkers, and reintegrate with loved ones.

$20 Donation Suggested

Anastasia Bashuk

The Human Energy System with Anastasia Bashuk
Friday, March 30th at 7pm

Just like in the physical body we have a nervous system, in the subtle body, there is the energy system of nadis and chakras. Depending on the chakra through which we use our energy the most, we bring our consciousness to a certain level. Higher the chakra – higher our motivations in life. When we purify chakras through asana and pranayama practices, as well as constant work on our personal qualities, our main motivations become altruism, compassion, and desire for self-development.

This 3-hour workshop will give the participants an overview of the energy system of the human subtle body (chakras and energy channels – nadis) from an ancient yogic perspective.

We will discuss the following ideas:
How do we express ourselves having our consciousness on a certain chakra?
How to bring our consciousness to the higher chakras?
The lecture will help you better understand the subtle causes of your thoughts and behaviors that don’t serve you and change it through a yoga practice (including asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditation).
Why do we need to include practices in our everyday routine?
How to use the instrument of yoga for the fast energy transformation inside yourself and in your surroundings?

The schedule:

1st hour - transformational asana practice (please bring your mat and be in your yoga clothes)
2nd hour - lecture on the human energy system
3d hour - the practice of pranayama techniques, meditation, and kirtan (meditation cushion may be helpful)

After each session, we will have a 10-minute break.

$20 Donation Suggested

Prema Mayi

Kirtan with Prema Mayi
Sunday, April 1st at 8pm

Prema Mayi has been practicing Bhakti Yoga since childhood. Growing up in ashrams she studied the arts of dance drama and kirtan. She develop a deep relationship with kirtan the practice of chanting mantras to awaken the essence of our soul.... pure love. Now she travels around the world sharing the treasures of Bhakti. Accompanied by Eric Archer together they weave beautiful musical compositions and poetry written by Eric.

$20 Donation Suggested

Prema Mayi

Mantra – Sounds into Silence
LA Premiere Celebration

April 6th from 9:30 to 11:30pm

With special kirtan performance by KIRTANIYAS

Join the producers and some of the talent involved in the acclaimed film Mantra – Sounds into Silence as we celebrate their LA premiere. The Kirtaniyas will perform and we’ll have snacks from India Sweets & Spices.

A feature-length documentary, exploring the growing musical and social phenomenon of chanting, MANTRA – Sounds into Silence shares the stories of people who are finding healing and a sense of inner peace by singing mantras together. It’s a film about spirituality not religion, about people reconnecting with their true selves and with others.

As our characters’ stories about their connection to the music unfold, we meet the musicians who have inspired them and brought them together. Through these encounters, we will discover how the artists themselves came to this music and to the practice of Kirtan, and how, over the years, it transformed their lives too.

With music and performances from Deva Premal & Miten with Manose, Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur, Jai Uttal, MC Yogi, Dave Stringer, Lama Gyurme & Jean-Philippe Rykiel, C.C. White, Mirabai Ceiba, Gaura Vani, Nina Rao, Charlie Braun & more.


Blue Lotus & Cacao Sound Ceremony
with Micah Sheiner & Elaine Alghani

Saturday April 28th, 8:30 - 10pm
Please join us for an evening of Cacao Ceremony, supported by a blissful and improvisational shamanic sound journey. In this ceremony we invite you to welcome and celebrate the divine union of your masculine/feminine energies within your heart space.

An Indigenous myth recalls that when the Earth and its people are out of balance, the cacao or raw chocolate will come out of the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony and balance. We are now living in those times.

The ceremony is gifted from Spirit as a tool to heal separation and move into Oneness Consciousness. Cacao sprit works to help us open to the highest potential of our hearts..

She works closely with the flower spirit devas as well as the star beings and the earth star. When pure raw cacao is infused with certain flower energies an alchemy occurs. And both the Cacao and the flower's essence or its spiritual "medicine" is activated. In this ceremony we will be activating the cacao with blue lotus.

We hope you will join us to ride your personal bliss wave, journey within and open to the magic of these wonderful plant spirit teachers.


Micah Sheiner is a vibrational artist/healer. He explores & teaches sacred sound through bowls, gongs, voice, & a variety of shamanic instruments. Micah weaves soundscapes for healing, journeying, & meditation ~ conducting sound baths, individual sessions, & trainings in CA & internationally. www.resonantsoundscapes.com

Elaine Alghani is a Shamanic artist, practitioner, teacher, and guide. She is passionate about inspiring people to embrace Integrative Shamanism as a path to personal power, soul, inner connectedness and heart-centered awareness. In her training programs students participate in and learn to share the ancient wisdom of Shamanism to enhance the quality, depth, and vibrancy of their lives, businesses and relationships to self, each other and the earth. ~ myshamanicsoul.com



Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa with Govind Das
Every Wednesday at 6:30pm

The Hanuman Chalisa is a beloved chant of Neem Karoli Baba devotees and Hanuman lovers everywhere. The Chalisa is a 40 verse devotional hymn written by Tulsi Das over 500 years ago to awaken within the great qualities of Hanuman love service devotion strength courage faith.

To chant the Chalisa is to tune into the channel of Hanuman's Loving Grace. After the chanting of the Chalisa several times we will eat kichari together. Come have dinner with us, offering prasad: Kichari is a delicious yogic, healing, nourishing food made with yellow split Mung Dahl, basmati rice, turmeric, cumin and coriander.

Suggested donation $20

Monday Nite Kirtan with Govind Das, Clay Campbell
and Arjuna O'Neal

Every Monday at 6:30pm

Come join in the exploration and passionate art of chanting the divine names from the Bhakti Tradition. We will learn and explore a deeper understanding of the kirtan mantras, gods and goddesses, gurus, and how we can integrate the bhakti practices into living at our highest potientiality. Come sing, dance, and enjoy laughter and community. For the newbies to kirtan/chanting, just bring yourself. no special clothes or yoga mat needed. If you have a meditation cushion or blanket, it may be nice to sit on. EVERY MONDAY NITE!!


Mondays at 6:30pm

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