Bhakti Yoga, Machu Picchu, Sound Healing
and Sacred Ceremony

with Govind Das and Special Peruvian Healer / Guests

August 1 - 8, 2020

To sign up for this retreat or for more questions email Govind Das directly at BHAKTIYOGASHALA@GMAIL.COM

Come join us this summer on our Bhakti Yoga Shala sacred journey and retreat to PERU!!! Peru is a jewel of South America and one of the most incredible countries on this planet, deeply grounded in spirituality and love for Pacha Mama(Mother Earth). Govind Das, owner and director of Bhakti Yoga Shala will be accompanied in leading this retreat by his dear teachers/shamans and local Peruvian master healers Wachan and Martika Bajiyoperak of (pls see video below).


We understand that in this modern world many of us lose the sacred connection with ourselves and Mother Earth, Pacha Mama. Our mission on this retreat to Peru is to guide retreat participants back to themselves and reestablish the divine connection with the sacred elements. Through daily practices of bhakti yoga, kirtan, prayer, sacred music, meditation, plant medicine, and traditional Peruvian ancient ceremonies, each day is a chance to transform, and an opportunity to be reborn.

Peru is just an 7 hour flight from California. It is no mistake that Peru has become an incredibly popular destination for Yogis and worldly travelers seeking relaxation, healing, and shelter from the stressful ways of modern life. We will do whatever we can to make this excursion as safe and simple for you as possible. The price of $2600 does NOT include airfare. It does include lodging, food, overnight excursion to Machu Picchu, Ayuasca ceremony and yoga and teachings. As well the price does not include spa treatments, personal excursions, Wachuma Medicine Ceremony(extra cost of $150) etc. The price does include transfer from the airport in Cusco to the retreat location in the Sacred Valley. Payments can be made by cash, Paypal, Venmo, check, or credit card.

Please know that Plant Medicine ceremonies will be an available but ABSOLUTELY not required.

As in any travel there is potential risk. Please be aware of all possible risks by doing as much research as possible. Many people take shots and vaccines before going to a foreign land. If you feel inspired to do this, I think it is a good idea. We are going to a clean yogic environment, yet is entirely up to you whether taking shots are something that you want to do. Again, do the research! We surely recommend travel insurance that you can purchase from the travel agent that you buy your tickets from.

Participants will book their own flights into Lima Airport (LIM) and then a short flight from Lima to Cusco Airport (CUZ).

We will meet near Cusco airport on the morning of August 3(location to be determined). We will have a pickup time at Cusco Airport and shuttle participants to Ananda's Retreat Center in the Sacred Valley(approximately 2 hours away).This will officially begin our retreat.. Through Google, you can find many online Travel Agents that specialize in flights to Peru. With a little research, you can find some great rates. As well NO tourist visa is needed to enter the country of Peru if you have a USA passport. The retreat will officially finish at 9am on August 10. Retreat price does not unclude shuttle back to the airport.

Pls Come join us on this transformational, uplifting, and joyful retreat! Together in community we will bathe in the nectar of one of the planet's most beautiful and soul-nourishing locations!

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. We truly hope you can join us on this mystical adventure into the Heart!
With great love and respect!
Govind Das

To sign up for this retreat or for more questions email Govind Das directly at BHAKTIYOGASHALA@GMAIL.COM

Wachan Bajiyoperak
Wachan is a third generation medicine man and is our spiritual tour guide. With over 30 years of experience he leads our Living Traditions and Mystical Awakening groups through meditation, prayer, music and offerings to the earth (Pacha Mama) all teaching passed down to him form previous generations including his father a gifted medicine man best known for his vast knowledge in herbal medicine. Each group has an opportunity to explore the most sacred sites and engage in exclusive ceremonies such as San Pedro, and Ayahuasca with the guidance of Wachan. Get ready to have the journey of a life time with our most outstanding spiritual guide!

Martika Bajiyoperak
Martika originally from Colombia, is skilled sound healer who works along side Wachan Bajiyoperka in the healing arts and herbal medicine. She was raised in the sierra nevada of Colombia with the Kogi natives where she acquired many years of wisdom in prayer and herbal Medicine . Martika is also one of our skilled guides and tour coordinators with over 26 years of experience with a joyful and loving presence. Each grupo is lead by both Wachan and Martika.

To sign up for this retreat or for more questions email Govind Das directly at BHAKTIYOGASHALA@GMAIL.COM

$2600 / Double Occupancy


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