Global Online Kirtan Training Module 2
with Govind Das

April 18 - May 9, 2023

PRICE: $165

Meeting Times: Tuesdays from 6-8pm PST
Live and Recorded on Zoom

Previous kirtan/music experience recommended. All sessions are recorded and distributed to participants promptly after each session, so that if a student needs to miss a session they will be able to watch/study on their own time or save the recordings for practice tools in the future.

This is a MODULE 2 Training that is designed for anyone that has participated in a previous KIRTAN TRAINING at Bhakti Yoga Shala or any other kirtan school. If not, it is recommended that the participant have an understanding and adequacy of playing basic harmonium chords: C major, A minor, F major, G major, C minor, G minor.

In this ONLINE (via Zoom) Kirtan Training MODULE 2 with Govind Das, Director of Bhakti Yoga Shala, participants will cultivate the tools and enjoy the deep spiritual fulfillment in leading Kirtan- the ancient Bhakti Yoga practice of devotional mantra chanting. This program is also a deep exploration into the philosophy of Bhakti Yoga.

This will be a deep immersion into learning and developing skills that range from the cultivation of your own home practice to being on stage and leading kirtan events. All levels of musicianship are welcome. Personal guidance and teachings will be given individually and collectively dependent upon the participants’ degree of musical understanding on how to develop their own personal path of leading kirtan. Participants must have their own harmonium or keyboard to use during the training.

During this intensive we will have a deep immersion into:
– Harmonium Chords, Harmonium Melody Lines, Drones and Decorations
– Bhakti/Kirtan Philosophy the repetition of the Divine Name as
authentic spiritual practice
– Kirtan Mantras, pronunciations and their meanings
– The Gurus/Saints of the Bhakti Tradition
– Gods, Goddesses and their meanings
– Singing Exercises and working with the instrument of Voice
– Scales on Harmonium and Singing
– The power of tempo changes in kirtan
– Guidance on how to take your kirtan out into the world!
– and much much more!!!!



Q: What’s Module 2? 

A: Module 2 builds on your basic knowledge of playing the harmonium, by teaching the mantras using notes, drones, and a mixer of notes, drones and chords! Our students find this training very helpful in building their skills, and making them better players! Also, it makes playing songs using chords even that much easier! Overall, a great course to continue your study and practice of the harmonium and kirtan! (Chords will be provided for all mantras as well.)

Q: Do I need any experience to participate in Module 2?
A: Yes. Our Module 2 format is for anyone with basic knowledge and practice with the harmonium or keyboard. Basic knowledge of the keys and chords is the only prerequisite. Feel free to email us to find out if Module 2 is right for you. If you have never played the harmonium before, email us to get on the mailing list for info about our next Module 1 training.

Q: What if I am unavailable during the training?
A: Not a problem! We email all participants the recording of the training shortly after each session. This can be for people who can’t attend every meeting, or for our friends in a different time zone. It’s also downloadable so you can review the material any time… forever and ever! We also stay connected via a private group page to share material and get to know each other better.

Q: What if I don’t have a harmonium?
A: A keyboard is a good alternative! You can purchase an inexpensive one before you dive into buying a harmonium. All of the chords we provide work on other instruments, too- guitar, ukelele, etc… However, the training is specifically for harmonium/keyboards. Please note that all participants must provide their own instrument. If you’d like to join the training and are interested in buying a harmonium or keyboard, email us for recommendations.

Q: What if I already know how to play my harmonium?
A: Great! We think you’ll love Module 2! Being together in Bhakti Satsang is a blessing, and so important in our lives. Even if you already know how to play, you will learn new mantras to add to your kirtans, get dedicated bhakti and kirtan practice in a loving and supportive group, and have fun! Also, we’ve found our students love the Module 2 format, as it helps build their harmonium skills.

Q: I have already taken a few Modules with you. Will these be new songs?
A: YES! We teach new mantras during every Module! Many of our students enroll in all of the Modules, to keep their practice and learning going! Also, it’s so fun to be together!