with Govind Das

Yogaville, Buckingham VA

December 8-10, 2023

You are invited to join Govind Das at Yogaville for IN-PERSON KIRTAN TRAINING WEEKEND IMMERSION from December 8-10, 2023!

Learn the basics of harmonium or take your skills to the next level- This training is for ALL levels of kirtaniyas.

We’d love to have you in-person with us for a weekend of community bhav, devotion, & KIRTAN! In addition to learning mantras, we will also enjoy other bhakti practices together like aarti, japa meditation, inspirational readings, stories of the gods & goddesses, and so much more.

This training takes place at Yogaville in Buckingham, Virginia, USA.

PRICE: $395


Q: Do I need any experience to participate?

A: No musical or keyboard experience needed! This training is for you, and you will leave playing and chanting kirtan! We will help you learn the basics, and get you started playing and singing kirtan! We will teach you the mantras at a perfect level for newbies.

Q: What if I already know how to play my harmonium?

A: All are welcome to join! For those who already play harmonium – this training will help you take your skills to the next level. While the new students are learning the basics, we will guide you to learn the mantras using notes, drones, and a mixer of notes, drones and chords! Our students find this training very helpful in building their skills, and making them better players!
Being together in Bhakti Satsang is a blessing, and so important in our lives. Even if you already know how to play, you will learn new mantras to add to your kirtans, get dedicated bhakti & kirtan practice in a loving and supportive group, and have fun!

Q: What if I don’t have a harmonium?

A: A keyboard is a good alternative! You can purchase an inexpensive one before you dive into buying a harmonium. (All of the chords we provide work on other instruments, too- guitar, ukelele, etc… However, the training is specifically for harmonium/keyboards)
Please note that all participants must provide their own instrument. If you’d like to join the training and are interested in buying a harmonium, email us for recommendations.

Q: I have already taken a few Modules with you. Will these be new songs?

A: YES! We teach new mantras during every Module! Many of our students enroll in all of the Modules to keep their practice & learning going!

Q: What will we be doing in this training?

A: In addition to learning to play the mantras on our harmoniums and keyboards, we’ll enjoy other beautiful bhakti practices together like: learning the meanings and melodies for kirtan songs, stories of the Gods and Goddesses, prayer, Japa meditation, Aarti (offering light), satsang and group discussion, and much more!

Q: I have more questions, who should I contact?

A: Email us here: and we will get back to you shortly!